Dagens låt

En nyupptäckt goding som jag gillar starkt och kommer förmodligen att lyssna sönder de närmsta veckorna:)

Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers - Born in the Spring

Det skär i mitt hjärta att jag inte fann texten till denna låt, men låt gå för denna gång då. Enjoy the music!!!

Fann, tack vare kommentaren, texten till denna låt:)

They were lovely red flowers lining the trees
And they smelled like perfume on the hand of a queen
The car read "Just Married" on the back window
The future was open and how could we ever have known

from south san diego to portland maine,
i have traveled this country seeking my fame
and through all the what fors?
the flames and trap doors through which all of us fell
stories that i cannot tell

and i wish that i ...

now the ocean tides coming up with the moon
i'm afraid we're all living at sea level too
and youre seeing this part of the tragedy through
when the bottle will break, the cradle will fall down on you

the second rate author of his own epitaph
all this potent potential destroyed in the graph
you think to yourself, i get lucky at cards
but you dont even know who the hell that you are

and i, still i wish that i was born in the spring

son of a, son of, son of a bitch
cause the daughter's are damned
thats the way that it is
nothing much changes, out in the sun
when the wine that you drink is the wine you become

or you say maybe this time i can dig out of this
so the family relents
and you get yourself pissed,
and suddenly everyone has got some advice
you sell their suggestions without thinking twice

the friends that ive had, and the friends that ive made,
the friends that ive lost, with my hapless mistakes?
and isnt it all just a slap in the face?
that no single person could take up the place of her

still i wish that i was born in the spring
born in the spring
cause everyone's gone, we all die don't you know?
are you so disappointed that it all was a show?
and the first love you had was the only thing real,
and what brought it together in the end was the kill?

and i, still i wish that i was born in the spring

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2010-03-20 @ 23:19:48
Postat av: sabsa

tack så mycket för den:)

2010-03-21 @ 00:23:08
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